Interview – Sofien’s FOW : Tattoo meaning

“This is a extract from the Sofien’s FOW Interview –  in witch he give his point of view !”

In fact I have a lot of different pieces that have nothing to do with each other.
It has almost always been done on impulse.
I’m so spontaneous that it’s “make or break”, so if it goes well, I’ll go deeper, if I get drunk: “next”…

Can you introduce yourself ?

My name is Sofien, I’m 19 years old, I’m a colourist in Paris.

Okay, I have 1… 2… 3, 4/5 tattoos, so the first one I did, I did it when I was 16 years old.
in relation to many things etc. I have the 2 phases of the stag, the Origami side and the real side.

It is to express the different facets of a personality.
You know what I mean?

Then I did this one: the rose from Beauty and the Beast.
Then I did this one, it’s a card game. There’s luck, the 8 of spades against my sister and the joker. The joker because you can have the most rotten game in the world, if you have a joker you can win!

Then I have this one,
It’s a song that plays Ariana Grande, I’ve got a “Boo” here.
that I did with my sister because we’re Mario fans. The choices of my tattoos are turned towards the aesthetic because there is always a meaning but above all, it’s aesthetic. It’s always been about head almost. After my best friend is also a tattoo artist so it’s easier. Now I’m going to get a new tattoo in Paris, I know it takes much more time because I have to. I’m thinking about it, that I go to the tattoo artist etc…
There as it was my best friend, automatically I asked him she used to draw me pictures and she tattooed me. But it has always been really on a whim. It’s more spontaneous.
Yeah, yeah, compared to songs something like that.
Afterwards it’s so spontaneous.
In fact when I want, I have to go there Either I take a flash that I like or if it’s an idea I have,  I talk to the one that will tattoo and then they draw you see.

I’m seriously influenced by pop culture Lady Gaga, movies, Harry Potter, from which the deer is inspired I really take ideas a little bit everywhere. Beauty and the Beast it’s my favourite film so it made sense
That’s Mario, Ariana Grande for pop culture “Everything is mixed”. I know I want to do my whole forearm in colour.
But you see there I want to make only black and grey.
Except for the little red heart.

But I actually like a lot of different parts that have nothing to do with it. I have the rose, the tip. There, perhaps I will do something else like a cartoon or a game…
Me at the first time, I did it on a sensitive area so it hurt. In fact, you have several bones here, when she tattooed me at that level, I felt like she was there, so much the vibration rises. In fact, if you really want it I wouldn’t say we’re happy to suffer, but you know you’ve earned it! Afterwards, for example, for this one I felt nothing at all…
The card I didn’t feel anything. The colours have been the worst pain in my life
“this one, I almost didn’t feel anything either. I think it depends everyone’s anxieties. I was so happy to do it so that I tell myself “be strong”
I’m more of a base colour, but it’s so much maintenance and it’s a bit restrictive. But if it were up to me, I would only have colour tattoos
That’s not sophisticated. Not an example at all. Whereas the deer is. I’m more of a cartoonist. I like it when the lines are quite thick. Afterwards, you see, He’s very thin. Yeah, but that doesn’t mean after all, everything still goes together
It depends on the area of the body. In fact I know that on my thighs I wouldn’t like to have full of small tattoos. I would really like to have a good room but on my arms I prefers to have small rooms. On the torso I made a good piece But on my back I wouldn’t get full of small tattoos. I don’t think it’s aesthetic, I prefer to have a large mandala for example Fingers, I would like afterwards, like I am a hairdresser, I have to find the time to do it because at my work I still have the hands in the water, hands in gloves, I sweat and on the hands it’s very difficult to hold. On the ears, I would also like, for example, a flower, I think it’s so cool Humour, It’s very commonplace, but if you don’t make me laugh what’s cooked. Rather flatter my ego. People who talk too much about themselves, I don’t like it.
Not necessarily. I don’t tell myself “Shit, he didn’t seduce me…” If I like the guy and that it is reciprocal, he can go there by whatever means he wants.

In real life, it is more spontaneous and natural, you know?

I like talking to people online But at the moment of seeing them, I’m stressed, you see, I don’t like to make a date with a tinder man for example. It makes me anxious.

But if we talk to each other, that it’s going well. You don’t know how he talks
You know, you have facial expressions, things that are not necessarily going to please you.

I’ve had some dates where it’s been very well passed, and where did I get it. It didn’t go so well.

It’s a bit random. Meeting a lot of people. I’m so spontaneous, than with me, It comes and goes.

If it goes well, I’ll go deeper, I’m getting drunk next, I think that everyone knows this in yourself right away, right after is knowing how to be honest with yourself.

I’m not going to go into too much detail a relationship where I feel it’s not going to work.
Good sexual health? It’s being good with yourself. First of all : trust.
The most important thing is Trust in the other.

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