Polyamory or polylove relationships

Pseudo definition I give to the word: Polylove…Polylove, or polyloving, is a relationship based on emotional and/or sexual freedom in a consensual, reciprocal and transparent way among several individuals. It is a trust-building relationship characterized by open- mindedness and a clear communication about the way things are done.I’ve always wondered how could our needs ever be filled by one person only?
The personal observation I’vemade is the following: no single being can himself provide all of the love, feelings, and physical pleasure needed over the course of alifetime.Should we restrict our needs to preserve so-called relationships ? Is it healthy to feel frustrated to protect such societal establishments? Society has made exclusivity become the norm, but is it really what everyone wants ?To feel alive, shouldn’t we just follow our passions?Without ups and downs, without being madly in love, extremely jealous or even completely lost at times, life is, in my opinion, of very little interest.I sometimes feel this pain when I tell a girl “I’m seeing” things like: “Don’t worry, live your best life! It’sokay to ‘see’ other people, and make new experiences,” but deep down, I can’t help but being jealous and envious of the lucky one that made her night. But that’s also what makes me feel alive!I am one of those people who can give a lot of advice, yet when it comes to me, I sometimes feel trapped between the rational recommendations I make and the irrational confusion I feel; it is a rather unpleasant feeling, a strange frustration that has moreover absolutely no reason to be in the first place…!HappinessI usually see myself as someone who cares more about other people’s happiness than my own, but isn’t it be hypocritical to say when this is actually what makes ME happy?What makes me tick? Making other people tick 12 What’s best when that also makes me happier?
I often seek to spread the good around me. And I often wonder how I could help, assist anyone with a piece of advice… or just do some good.Why not by using a sensing tattoo La Fraise ?! 😇
In any relationship, happiness is built through strength of belief and communication.I am firmly convinced that there are as many types of polyloving relationships as there are ways of living them.
Whether they are strictly sexual, strictly affectionate, gay, bisexual, at two, at three, or even more, poly-relationships fundamentally reject hypocrisy. Sometimes, people may decide to to abide to sentimental exclusivity in addition, but always as a result of mutual consent.Therefore, I wonder whether our human nature isn’t better suited for poly- relationships rather than traditional monogamous couples.What is a traditional hétérosexual couple?In my opinion, these are no more than established precepts by a Judeo- Christian doctrine, which is now somewhat outdated. Although everyone does what they want with their bodies!Is it a simple fashion phenomenon, or is it really an advance towards that fits most with our nature? Doesn’t it correspond better to our so-called “modern” civilization?Poly’s particularitiesAs I said, there are many ways to interpret and practice polyamour! In fact, I suggest you to listen to Elfi Reboulleau talking about Love, sex and de- conditioning.Personally, I live a life of love….I am in love with an extraordinary girl, whom I have known for more than four years. She makes me laugh and annoy me often! In fact, she’s always right. And the worst is that it’s usually true. His mindset is closely linked to mine. It is an atypical relationship because we live it at 1000 km distance. It is a joyful relationship for me, my heart is dedicated to her…When we meet again, they are all more intensive, they are like a revival moment !
Besides that I live an exciting life: I go out, I have fun, I enjoy myself and she knows about it. Nevertheless, she also knows that for me, she is the only one. No conquest can replace it or challenging the attachment I have for her.My relationship is not to be confused with libertinage. Many people perceive these relationships as a form of indecent adultery, perversion etc….
I do not discriminate against this practice in any way, quite the contrary. As libertine is not within everyone’s reach, it is, in my opinion, even more difficult to conceive in a relationship.As you can see, my way of thinking is only subjective. To each, his own life, to each, his own fullness, his own desires and the fulfilment desires.

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