Interview – Clem’s FOW : Tattoos and sex !

“This is a extract from the Clem’s FOW Interview – in witch she gives her point of view !”

How are you doing ?
– I’m doing great.

How many tattoos do you have ?
– I have two tattoos

When did you get your tattoos ?
– For the first one, I was 19 years old and really inspired by pin-ups, & the “femme fatal” looks ; I got lace up garter belt style tattoo behind my thighs; and then for my second tattoo I got a mandala in the neck after a trip to Polynesia for several months.

– All my tattoos are ideas that had matured for at least two years before i got them done. Both are tattoos I drew myself, influenced by different cultural inspirations;

– I didn’t get them done on a whim, it has different meanings, different inspirations from different cultures; But I never tattoo myself on a whim, except with the La Fraise ephemeral tattoos.

Do you have any other tattoo projects?

– Yeah, absolutely!
I have two new projects in mind.  It’s still things that are maturing; but now I choose the artists; so the next project I would love to do is  called Prisme Tattoo in Marseille that do ornamental tattoos; it would be a tour de bras; something quite fine and graphic; and another one I’d like to do with Gaëlle Marla, based in London at “Femme Fatales Tattoo” who also does quite fine lines, and who represents portraits of women in black and red something quite sensual that simply represents the woman; a bit pin-up style

Is it painful to get tattooed ?

– The artist who tattooed me and made all my pieces so far has always told me that, in fact, the pain is in the head.  He told me:”I’m going to tattoo nightclub bouncers who are 2 m long and after a few seconds, they had to stop because they were too cozy and so it depends a little bit on what’s in your head I think.

– I was almost asleep yeah so no worries I think that actually once you get a first tattoo you know what to expect it’s a lot of apprehension.

What is your opinion in the evolution of tattooing?

– It has been very stigmatized for a very long time  , for example in Asian countries, in Korea or Japan, it’s still frowned upon, it’s still part of some communities. B today, it’s becoming much more democratic; we’re no longer using tattoos, in those areas that claim to belong to a gang or a certain community, today we use tattoos that are much thinner, more feminized and more ornamental and that, as a result, democratize them in those areas.

Colored or Black & White ?

– Black and White

Minimalist or sophisticated ?

– It is true that as we used to say on areas such as hands, face or ears, it is better to have a minimalist design that democratizes the tattoo for women in particular, we see more and more women with tattoos with much finer lines. And then, it’s something feminine, pure, design, rather than the big pieces we still saw in the 80’s or 90’s, the art of tattooing has really spread

Small or large ?

– If I got a little colored tattoo, it would be an ephemeral tattoo, b black and gray tattoos and then maybe I could test it, and say “how does it feel?”

– It depends on the project, the model of the artist of your inspiration, where you want to put it on your body, if you want to complete it b that will complete it to make a global tattoo.

– Absolutely, in fact, at the beginning, I looked for ephemeral tattoos to see what it looked like, I didn’t find what I was looking for, I couldn’t find what I was looking for. But on a first tattoo it’s good if you can test it and then see if you do it for yourself or  to seeing your partner’s reaction if you have a partner it’s a good thing.

Have you ever facked an orgasm ?

– Yeah, I don’t think you have any girl who’s gonna be able to say no to you. It makes you think about it, doesn’t it?

Any advice for a good sexual health ?

– The understanding of your partner and yourself simply if you are comfortable with your body, sexual well-being is. It is to be in tune with yourself and the person you have chosen to share experiences of sharing your body. For me the key is communication and comprehension

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