The Story behind
La Fraise

Above all, La Fraise is an artistic and inclusive project...

La Fraise is a new concept and this is how it started : We were a few friends at a small party during an “apero” (appetizer in French), playing card games and having a few drinks together, our small group was getting ready to go out dancing. In a corner, a couple, were teasing each other until, by surprise, one stuck a “Malabar” (temporary tattoo) on the other’s cheek. Grumpy, the tattooed one looked at the laughing pattern. To be forgiven, the aggressor kissed the cheek and pronounced those exact words: “imagine it tastes like strawberries”.
Those words provoked a collective laughter and fed our unbridled imagination all the evening. We found ourselves imagining several associations of tastes, patterns, colours, locations… 

And this is how La Fraise was born,  an artistic universe that appeals to the senses and imagination.
We conceived it as a game. 
Imagine the field of possibilities… 

Bodies have been hidden for so many years and are still, nowadays, victims of censorship in our society. We want to go against the beauty dictats and standards set by our society and position ourselves as advocates for inclusivity, body positivity and empowerment. We want our community to join us on this body confidence journey by bringing back to light the beauty of one’s body through our tattoos

“Slow down, focus on listening to sensations, eye contact, to feel subtle nuances throughout the union”
Diana Richardson

Slow Sex, is an unconventional vision of eroticism that insists on sensations and mindfulness, leaving aside the obsession of reaching a goal. Through our ephemeral sensation tattoos, we wish to immerse you in an intense sensory experience where sharing and sensuality become one, enhancing every minute of your time spent in bed (or else) with your partners.

Healthy, Biosourced, Hypoallergenic & Made in France

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