La Fraise

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a taste

🍓 How ? 🍭


We have created the first ephemeral tattoo that will turn your skin into a tasty lickable and wearable sweet candy
It will arouse crazy sensations for both partners !

Our vision is to put sensuality and complicity at the heart of this magical moment that is the rediscovery of a partner throught aesthetically pleasing designs to provide the best experience  


We at La Fraise believe that
and should be celebrated, always. We take a pledge to honor the beauty of difference.

Made in France product Quality

In addition to being Made in France and bio-sourced, our tattoos are fully complying to the cosmetic standards in force, including IN-USE, RIPT, CPSC and ASTM certificates.

Now, you know what the product is...
Where will you wear it ?
😈 Join and tell us where 😈

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